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Last Saturday, during Winter Storm Bailey, I headed into Green Bay for Kyle and Jenna’s wedding.  Kyle and I have known each other for years and I had been looking forward to their winter nuptials for a LONG time.  All of the snow we got Saturday didn’t make it easy to get around Green Bay, but it did make for some pretty amazing photos.  Now, I am going to keep this short and sweet as we are two days from Christmas and my to do list is a mile long yet.  However, I want to say that this wedding was so much fun to be a part of.  Everyone was relaxed, happy and just so excited the big day had finally arrived.  Jenna was a breathtaking bride.  The details were amazing.  Simple, elegant wedding with a bit of Christmas cheer thrown in for good measure.  Just perfection.

Kyle and Jenna, thanks so much for asking me to capture your day!  I hope your day was all you dreamed it to be and the start of a lifetime of many happy years!

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Saturday afternoon I headed down to Appleton to photograph Chris and Sadie’s wedding day.  Chris is from my hometown of Oconto Falls and is one of my younger brother’s best friends, so I have known him for YEARS.  Many years.  I actually photographed his senior pictures 15 years ago!  He comes from a wonderful family, has a great group of friends and when he contacted me back in January about possibly photographing his wedding, I was thrilled!  I met Sadie last year at a wedding that Chris was standing up in and I got to know her a little more at our engagement shoot a few months ago.  These two make such a great couple and their wedding day was nothing short of spectacular.  Starting with the amazing weather.  It was 65 degrees on November 5th and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  The dress was killer.  The decor was beautiful and Pullman’s did an incredible job with the reception.  And then there was the band.  The Presidents were PHENOMINAL.  I have never, in all the weddings I have photographed, seen a dance floor that packed for that long.  I could barely move around the dance floor to get photos.  It was insane.  And so so awesome.  Every single person I met that day had a smile on their face and they were genuinely thrilled for the bride and groom.  And Sadie and Chris were adorable together.  Nothing but smiles from ear to ear all. day. long.  Such a fun day to be a part of!

Chris and Sadie, thanks so much for asking me to capture your wedding day.  I hope you love these sneak peek images!

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Last Saturday I headed over to my favorite wedding venue, Sepia Chapel, to photography Kevin and Rachel’s wedding.  I think I photographed Rachel’s oldest son for the first time about 8 years ago and when her and Kevin added another baby boy to their clan 2 years ago, I was able to photograph them every 3 months and we got to know each other really well.  Last year when her and Kevin got engaged I was thrilled they asked me to capture their day.  Rain threatened last Saturday, but besides a few sprinkles, it stayed dry and we were able to get some really great images both inside the beautiful Sepia chapel and outside at The Woods gold course where they had their reception.

Kevin and Rachel, thanks so much for asking me to be a part of your day.  I hope it was everything you dreamed of and that you love these sneak peek images!


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On October 8th I woke to gorgeous blue skies, crisp fall air and trees that were starting to show all of their autumn glory. It was the most perfect day for a wedding and I was thrilled to head into Green Bay and capture Danny and Hannah’s big day. I met these two last winter at their engagement session and immediately fell in love with their love story. These two have known each other since they were kids. Their love story has lasted over a decade. Through high school, nursing school, and 3 separate military deployments. Through it all, their love only grew stronger and even though I don’t know them personally, I got a little misty eyed a few times during their big day. (I was thankful I had a camera pressed to my face to hide my eyes while Hannah was walking down the aisle to Danny who had to wipe quite a few tears away)  The way Danny speaks of Hannah….and the way her eyes light up when he is near…it’s something special. As was their wedding day. Full of laughter and love and amazing moments.

Danny and Hannah, thank you so much for asking me to capture your day. I had a blast with you and your friends and family. I hope you love these sneak peek images! Congratulations again!

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of capturing Robby and Liz’s wedding day.  I am late posting this sneak peek so I am going to keep this short and sweet.  From the second I arrived at the Paper Valley to photograph the girls getting ready, I was smitten with this couple and their family/friends.  I felt like I was a lifelong friend and not a stranger capturing the biggest day of their lives.  It was a lovely, warm, late summer day.  Perfect for their outdoor ceremony which was one of the most gorgeous I have ever seen.  The reception was full of laughter, great speeches and the dance floor was packed all night long.  Plus, someone got engaged just outside the reception area during the dinner and Liz and Rob were able to head outside and get some photos with the newly engaged couple!  It was so sweet and Liz FREAKED out because she said it was her dream to have someone get engaged on her wedding day. :)

Rob & liz, from start to finish, your wedding was a day I’ll not soon forget! I hope it was everything you dreamed it to be.  Congratulations!!!

img_1323x img_0553mt img_0560mt img_0157bw img_0167bw img_0170bw img_0175bw img_0182mt img_0186mt img_0192x img_0195x img_0207w img_0219fx img_0254bw img_0285w img_0321bw img_0333bw img_0340mt img_0343w img_0344bw img_0352w img_0360x img_0365w img_0372x img_0377x img_0411x img_0412x img_0422fx img_0455fx img_0467mt img_0483xmt img_0491x img_0517x img_0541x img_0583mt img_0641x img_0647x img_0654fx img_0655fxbw img_0658fx img_0661fx img_0662fx img_0664x img_0666fx img_0677fx img_0688fx img_0689mt img_0699fx img_0707fxx img_0709fx img_0732x img_0742fx img_0746fx img_0747fx img_0752fx img_0762fx img_0781fx img_0784mt img_0827fx img_0836fx img_0852x img_0880x img_0905fx img_0920fx img_0929fx img_0932mt img_0944fx img_0948fx img_0959fx img_1010x img_1026fx img_1041fx img_1051fx img_1065fx img_1081fx img_1095fx img_1109fx img_1124fx img_1142fx img_1148x img_1157fx img_1163fx img_1176fx img_1179mt img_1181x img_1186fx img_1203fxfh img_1211fxw img_1214ob img_1215mt img_1229w img_1231fxfxmt img_1237fx img_1260bw img_1271x img_1294fx img_1296fx img_1301fx img_1310fxfx img_1318fx img_0389pb img_0391mt img_0394fx img_0395fx img_0396mt img_0398mt img_0399mt img_1344fx img_1350x img_1359fx img_1373fx img_1384bw img_1389bw img_1407fx img_1413bw img_1416x img_1429bw img_1456fx img_1468fx img_1495fx img_1502fx img_1516fx img_1517fx img_1530fx img_1534fx img_1549mt img_1555fx img_1563fx img_1575fxfh img_1585bwbw img_1596xpbpbfhmt img_1601fxmt img_1607xfh img_1609fxmt img_1615x img_1657fx img_1663fxbw img_1668mt img_1670mt img_1695fx img_1709w img_1730xw img_1749x img_1773fx img_1802fx img_1826fx img_1856x

Last weekend I headed down to Wisconsin Dells to photograph Micah and Shantal’s big day.  Shantal was in a wedding I photographed last summer so I got to know her a little bit then and I was thrilled she asked me to travel to photograph her and Micah’s big day.   Last Saturday the weather was picture perfect and I loved checking out the awesome locations that Micah and Shantal had chosen for their portraits.    The ceremony in Plymouth was beautiful, reception in Wisconsin Dells was perfect and every aspect of their day was full of amazing details!  It was an amazing day to be a part of and I can’t wait for everyone to see these sneak peeks!

Micah and Shantal, congrats again!  You guy and your families and friends made my job easy last weekend!  I hope you love these images!


img_1698fx img_1724mt img_1761fx img_1798fxmt img_3415fx img_1683w img_1768fx img_1772fx img_1790w img_1817w img_1835w img_1851x img_1857fx img_1862x img_1873fx img_1877fx img_1888fx img_1890x img_1898x img_1903x img_1908x img_1914fx img_1917fx img_1921fx img_1942fx img_1958fx img_1964x img_1987bw img_2003w img_2008w img_2010fx img_2075fx img_2079x img_2096fx img_2103fxfx img_2108fx img_2110fx img_2126xbw img_2154mt img_2165mt img_2185fxmt img_2191x img_2195fx img_2200x img_2204x img_2214fx img_2235fx img_2246fxmt img_2321fx img_2325mt img_2328fxmt img_2340fx img_2377fx img_2414fx img_2422x img_2469x img_2495fx img_2507fx img_2550pb img_2569fxfh img_2576x img_2582fx img_2589x img_2600xfx img_2610x img_2615fx img_2633x img_2652fx img_2661-copyfx img_2664-copyfx img_2672-copyx img_2684fx img_2690fx img_2694bw img_2716fx img_2721x img_2738fx img_2746w img_2776bw img_2780x img_2786-copyfx img_2809fxmt img_2811fh img_2851fx img_2861mt img_2876fx img_2882fxmt img_2885bw img_2901fxx img_2909fx img_2913fx img_2928fx img_2929fx img_2964fx img_2975fxmllv img_2989xfx img_2992fx img_3001xx img_3009fx img_3020fx img_3039fx img_3053mt img_3061fx img_3067fx img_3076fx img_3078fx img_3080fx img_3099fx img_3111fx img_3116fx img_3146bw img_3147fx img_3148x img_3155x img_3188fx img_3254fx img_3310fx img_3326fx img_3363fx img_3377fx img_3390x img_3393mt img_3411fxpb img_3469fx img_3470fx img_3502x img_3507fxbw img_3526fx img_3543fxbw img_3550fx img_3563fx


Last Saturday,  August 6th, I headed out to Denmark to photograph Alex and Michelle’s wedding day.  Blue skies and sunshine filled the air on my drive over and I had a feeling it was going to be a fabulous day…and I was SO right.  Their day was picture perfect.  Michelle was a beautiful, relaxed bride whose smile lit up whatever room she walked into.  And Alex, who I was warned isn’t a huge fan of photos, was equally as happy and even smiled for most of the photos he was in as well.  :)  These two opted to do a ‘first look’ at Michelle’s parents farm and because of it we were able to get most of their photos done before the ceremony so afterward they could spend more time with their family and wedding party.  And speaking of, their family and friends made my job easy and I had so much fun capturing their memories of the day that it didn’t really seem like I was working.  (plus, they had an ice cream bar at their reception and, well, I am a BIG fan of ice cream)  :)

Alex and Michelle, thank you for asking me to spend the most important day of your lives thus far with you.  I hope you love these images we captured!  Congratulations again!!

IMG_1528FH IMG_1529X IMG_1513MT IMG_1520fXMT IMG_1522XMT IMG_1558FX IMG_1563MT IMG_1566MT IMG_1571FX IMG_1579MT IMG_1584FXMT IMG_1602FX IMG_1603W IMG_1615BW IMG_1623FXBW IMG_1629MT IMG_1643MT IMG_1646MT IMG_1662MT IMG_1675FX IMG_1685BW IMG_1689FX IMG_1703FH IMG_1710MT IMG_1713MT IMG_1719fX IMG_1722FX IMG_1726FX IMG_1751FX IMG_1757FX IMG_1770fXMT IMG_1785FX IMG_1793fX IMG_1799BW IMG_1818BW IMG_1825FX IMG_1831FX IMG_1835FX IMG_1838fX IMG_1866FX IMG_1873fX IMG_1892FX IMG_1899FX IMG_1914FX IMG_1918fX IMG_1929FX IMG_1949FX IMG_1957FX IMG_1970BW IMG_1972bQ IMG_1973BW IMG_1976FXBW IMG_1979BW IMG_1984bW IMG_1990FX IMG_2001fX IMG_2006fX IMG_2012FXMT IMG_2021fX IMG_2046FX IMG_2072FX IMG_2109FX IMG_2136FX IMG_2139fX IMG_2145FX IMG_2150MT IMG_2161FX IMG_2167FXFHMT IMG_2179fXMT IMG_2183W IMG_2187FX IMG_2190FX IMG_2201MT IMG_2220X

IMG_2438FX IMG_2242MT IMG_2258BW IMG_2262FX IMG_2265FX IMG_2270fXMT IMG_2279BW. IMG_2300X IMG_2303fX IMG_2310BW IMG_2312FX IMG_2339fX IMG_2349PB IMG_2349PBMT IMG_2360MT IMG_2388MT IMG_2390FX IMG_2392BW IMG_2423FX IMG_2453FX IMG_2475FX

IMG_2482FX IMG_2516fX

IMG_2508FXMT IMG_2506fX IMG_2522fX IMG_2536FXMT IMG_2547fXMT IMG_2555FX


IMG_2498fX IMG_2559fX IMG_2572FX IMG_2576MT IMG_2580MT IMG_2587FXMT IMG_2600FM IMG_2611FX IMG_2614bW. IMG_2634fX IMG_2636FX IMG_2647fX IMG_2654FX IMG_2665FX IMG_2671FX IMG_2682fX IMG_2689FX IMG_2694fX IMG_2699BW IMG_2704FX IMG_2709fX IMG_2711FX IMG_2728fX IMG_2744FX IMG_2747MT IMG_2750FX IMG_2754MT IMG_2759MT IMG_2766FX IMG_2775FX IMG_2789BW IMG_2805FX IMG_2812BW IMG_2815FX IMG_2835BW IMG_2840FX IMG_2846fX IMG_2885FX IMG_2932fX IMG_2935FX IMG_2936FX IMG_2946FX IMG_2975fX IMG_3000FX IMG_3014FX IMG_3022BW IMG_3038FX IMG_3057FX IMG_3076BW IMG_3091MT IMG_3106FX IMG_3126MT IMG_3142MT IMG_3153BW IMG_3159FX IMG_3171BW IMG_3178MT IMG_3222FX IMG_3253FX



So, we are already 2 weeks into August!  2.5 weeks to go and the kids are back in school!  Seriously. How did summer pass us by so quickly?!  I don’t have a wedding this weekend and it’s our last weekend with no plans so I’ll be hanging out with the kiddos and trying to soak up as much summer as I possibly can out of 2016.
Wanted to swing by quickly and pass along some big news regarding the business. Well, I guess it isn’t BIG news, but it’s a big deal to me. For the past 3-4 years this little business of mine has become such a huge part of my life and has kept me busy year in and year out. I mean, crazy busy. And it has been such a blessing. All of you who are clients have made my dream come true by continuing to trust me with your memories and moments AND allowing me to make my own schedule and stay home with my kids as much as possible.
However, there has been one downfall to being this busy and that is how early people have to book to secure a spot. Typically, in July I release my calendar for the following year. And by Christmas, my calendar for that following year is almost completely booked. And in the past couple of years as I had to cut back my hours due to the kids and my commitments with them, clients have had to book 10-12 months in advance to secure a spot during the popular fall months. And I HATE making people do that. Jobs change, schedules change, people move, all sorts of things happen in a year’s time and it’s asking a lot to make people book a family photo session THAT far in advance.
I used to not mind having things planned so far ahead, however in the past year or so it has become more of an issue. I ended up missing out on all sorts of events, sports and vacations with the family due to my commitments. Now I realize there is no avoiding this completely, but I am going to be trying something different this year and see how it goes. Starting in 2017, clients will only be able to book out 4 months in advance. So, in January, you’ll be able to book through April. In June, you’ll be able to book through September. The only exception to this will be for newborns and babies that are doing the Baby’s First Year package. They will be able to book all of their sessions throughout the year right away to ensure availability.
I am hoping that this helps not only me, but you guys too. No more planning sessions 11 months out and hoping that you don’t have plans or have to work that day. I have my fingers crossed that this way of doing things will stick and will make scheduling easier for all of us. 
Also wanted to quick update you on my wedding schedule.  I will be taking on fewer weddings next year in hopes of keeping my head above water with editing.  I have 11 weddings booked for 2017 and will only be taking on one more.  If you know anyone looking for a photographer for their 2017/2018 wedding, send them my way!  I’d love to chat with them about their big day!
And because no post is complete without photos, here is a little glimpse into my summer so far with the kids!
IMG_9053FX IMG_9151FX IMG_9180FX IMG_9294FX IMG_9347X IMG_6919X IMG_7542FX IMG_9743FX IMG_9803FX IMG_9890FX IMG_9984FX IMG_9998FX 13895153_10207093235312256_9115490934273491003_n

Last Friday afternoon I had the privilege of photographing Ryan and Kelsi’s gorgeous wedding in Green Bay.  I met these guys for the first time last year when I photographed their engagement session.  We had a lovely time walking around the Botanical Gardens chatting about life and love and how these two high school sweethearts got to that point.  When I left that shoot, I knew their wedding was going to be special and the big day Friday definitely did not disappoint.  It was a day full of love and family, friends and laughter.  Everyone I talked to that day was amazing to work with and I had so much fun watching them celebrate this wonderful couple.

Ryan and Kelsi, thanks so much for asking me to capture your day.  It was amazing and I hope you love your sneak peek!

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Last Friday, on a picture perfect summer day, I captured Dave and Sara’s wedding day.  I met these two at their engagement shoot last fall and we immediately hit it off.  We chatted and joked around and I felt like I had known them for years.  I love when that happens as it makes the day of the wedding run so much more smoothly.  Everyone is at ease, full of smiles and ready to celebrate the love of their special day.  And that is just what everyone at Dave and Sara’s wedding did.  From start to finish it was a beautiful and special day to be a part of.

Dave and Sara, thank you SO much for asking me to spend that most important day with you!  I had so much fun with you guys and your family and friends.  What a wonderful group of people you guys have surrounded yourselves with!  I hope your first week of married life has treated you well.  :)  Enjoy your sneak peek!

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